Monday, November 4, 2013

Crazy Game Makers (CrazyGM) - South Korean Game Maker Community

I just wanted to introduce the Korean Game Maker Community I manage, Crazy Game Makers (or CrazyGM for short or CGM for shorter).

Of course, everything's in Korean and chances are you probably can't read it. 
But I wish you did, because it's a very nice community that has been deeply ingrained in my life ever since I was ten when I first joined it and was handed the manager position when I was ten and a half.

The community currently has about 70,000 members with dozens of games pouring out every day. Although it's fair to say few of these games are of much quality, the ones that are can be very inspiring and creative. It is the leading game developer community in all of South Korea.

I'll say a bit more about CrazyGM in a further blog post. In the meanwhile, if you happen to know Korean, visit it and explore it!

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