Thursday, September 25, 2014

6180 the moon Released on Steam

Wow, what a long way we've come. Two years ago I was sitting in a squalid little office with Sun Park from Turtle Cream, coding a platform base for a game jam. I did that for 6180 seconds, and here we are, 6.18e7 seconds later, selling like pretty hot cakes.

We're off to a Steamy start on Steam. Reviews are raving, and the moon is shining. I'm pretty happy, just a bit sad I quit halfway along the ride. I feel like a parent who abandoned his son trying to sneak in the fortune he made. I'm proud of him and angry at me at the same time. But it's just how it is.

So go get your moon right now, while the promotion lasts: 75% off for owners of Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, and 15% off for everyone else. Go!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pobet: Poem Generator

Here's a little pet project of mine. Introducing Pobet, the Poet Robot.

What will your verse be? Download Pobet to find out.
Pobet the Poet Robot can spontaneously scribble out delicous, eloquent poetry. The only ingredient she needs is your finger.
Smash, flick, or lick that generous "Generate" button with your opposable thumb - that feature that makes you human can now create, in the words of Keating, what you stay alive for.
You might be a serious poet looking for inspiration. You might be a burnt-out high school student with a fast-approaching deadline. You might be simply bored. Whatever you are, Pobet will satisfy your cravings over and over and over until your phone dies or you die.

6180 the moon has been Greenlit!

After almost a long journey that took almost a year and a half, 6180 the moon has finally been Greenlit!
We owe it to all of you, the world, and mostly the moon. 

Thanks guys! I can't wait to reach a billion people worldwide on Steam. Stay tuned for the release!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The First Anniversary of 6180 the moon, and a Big Announcement for U.

March 9th is 6180 the moon’s first anniversary. Last year was a great year for the moon; in addition to launching our game successfully, we were selected for such renowned showcase events as the GDC and the E3 IndieCade. But that is past. Now, I am thrilled to announce more exciting moon-news.

6180 the moon will be released on the Nintendo Wii U this summer! When we met with Nintendo last year at E3, they loved our game. After talking for quite a while, we have finally decided to launch it on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo's Wii U System, at late Summer of 2014. 

We are almost done with porting 6180 the moon from GameMaker: Studio to Unity3D now. The game will be basically the same except for a few visual enhancements. In addition, the Wii U version will introduce new levels that takes advantage of both the TV and Wii U touchscreen. 

However I, PokPoong Games, am not porting the game. Turtle Cream is doing it by themselves with a programmer of their own. But I will continue to collaborate with Turtle Cream for the desktop PC version as well as the upcoming Mac and Ubuntu version.

So here’s the fun part: to celebrate our anniversary, 6180 the moon will be absolutely FREE for 4 days! You can download 6180 the moon for FREE on Desura, and get a deluxe package for 66% off price, which includes the game and the soundtrack. In addition, you will receive a free Steam key when we pass Greenlight. So please spread the word, and vote for us! Hope you enjoy the FREE moon. Good night!

Get 6180 the moon for free on Desura

Monday, November 4, 2013

Crazy Game Makers (CrazyGM) - South Korean Game Maker Community

I just wanted to introduce the Korean Game Maker Community I manage, Crazy Game Makers (or CrazyGM for short or CGM for shorter).

Of course, everything's in Korean and chances are you probably can't read it. 
But I wish you did, because it's a very nice community that has been deeply ingrained in my life ever since I was ten when I first joined it and was handed the manager position when I was ten and a half.

The community currently has about 70,000 members with dozens of games pouring out every day. Although it's fair to say few of these games are of much quality, the ones that are can be very inspiring and creative. It is the leading game developer community in all of South Korea.

I'll say a bit more about CrazyGM in a further blog post. In the meanwhile, if you happen to know Korean, visit it and explore it!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Venus and Moon's Dialogue (in a more pretentious, Shakespearean take)

Here's something I found while getting rid of crap in my 6180 the moon project folder. It's the initial draft on the dialogue between the Moon and Venus. I thought it was genius the moment I wrote it and thought we should make all the dialogues into pretentious poetry soundbytes but it made me cringe the next daylight and we unanimously (2 out of 2) decided to throw it in the garbage can.

Well, I've salvaged it from oblivion for your amusement, so here you go. Venus is a bit (even more) of an asshole in this version of the exchange.

The Moon arrives at planet Venus.
Too engulfed in an enormous hand-mirror, she does not notice the little rock ball.
''Oi! Hello! How do you do? I am the Moon; some call me the Lune.
I am on a task to bring back the Sun. Have you, perhaps, seen him by a chance?''
With her usual splendor, the Venus replies, ''My deepest regrets, no I have not.
But if I may, I inquire of you: why undertake such a hard, pointless quest?''
''Pointless, you say! How dare you say? 
Every being is trembling with fear, facing darkness and oblivion. 
I have heard the prayers of man, and nobly I will bring the Sun back for them.''
''Honor, it is? How noble you are! But see, that will only bring you misery.
Look at yourself; you are cheesy and ugly, a piece of rock not unlike any other.
Now look at me; I am the very definition of beauty, emulated and envied by everyone. Don't you agree?"
''If you say so.'' mumbles the Moon, suddenly reddened as Mars.
''What do you think has made me so pretty? The answer is simple! 
I devote to my very own self, while you devote to others' business.''
Honor and duty will make you more ugly. Don't you want to be lovely, like me?''
''How shallow! How selfish! But what about others?
They are suffering! We have a duty to end their grieving!''
''Forgive me, but we will never understand each other.
You should keep on that little journey of yours, perhaps?''
''Farewell! I will!'' blurts the Moon, setting off on his quest once again.
Venus goes back to her mirror, admiring and squeezing her beauteous self.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Destructoid Covers 6180 the moon

Oh god, that interview. It's making me cringe. Like a lobster. In boiling hot water.
But for all you cringe manias it'll probably be a treat. Or puzzle platformer manias, too, hopefully. So click on it. Click on it. Click on it. And get us on Greenlight.