Thursday, October 25, 2012

6180 the moon entry page for IGF 2013

Here's the entry page of IGF 2013 for 6180 the moon.
As we suspected, it's on the first page; good thing we decided to put a number in front of the game's name.
There's so many great games, though.. I hope we can stand a chance!

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Trailer for 6180 the moon!

This is our second trailer for 6180 the moon, for the IGF 2013!
Yeah, we didn't make it into finalists for IGF China 2012. But we gotta stop trying, right?
Anyway, this trailer reveals a bit of the storyline as well as more gameplay footage and a new soundtrack.
Hope you guys enjoy it! We're working hard on the game. It'll be available for purchase soon, so stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I made a new logo for myself. It doesn't look half as bad as the one I had on our previous trailer. Well, considering that previous logo was made from scratch on five in the morning after a sleepless night full of coding and testing and redbull and coffee, I think I deserve a break.. But anway, here's my new logo.
Until next time, let peace and love prevail the world.
Visit co-developer Turtle Cream's website here.