Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Showcasing 6180 the moon in GDC EGW!

If you visited THIS website of an obscure indie game developer, no doubt you have heard about the GDC, the Game Developer Conference. One of the biggest events in the gaming industry where tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world come to admire and the world's best professors from the best universities come to lecture. This year's conference opens in March 25th and closes in March 29th.
In the GDC, there is a section called EGW, the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, which showcases experimental, unique games. And 6180 the moon was selected as one of the games to be showcased!

You guys have no idea how psyched I am. I gotta start making arrangements and whatnot. I hope my professors don't mind me skipping class for an entire week.

In the meanwhile, 6180 the moon was set to release on mid-February, but after a conglomeration of stuff happening at the same time, we decided to change it to sometime in March. It'll probably be out before the GDC, and hopefully it'll be able to cover my traveling expenses and more. 

Anyway, we'll finish brushing and bushing the game off until it's shining like the moon, soon! I promise, it will be a pretty great game. To visit co-developer Turtle Cream's website, click here.

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